Anime boy with glasses and blue scarf

I want Her (Underswap!Sans x Shy!Reader) - ~Chapter 12-Dragged away~

Mornin' my name is Akihiro Fujimoto, I'm an exchange student from England I like Art, Photography, Anime , Manga and Hockey. I hope we could all become close friends.

Anime boys

Read the element twins from the story rp with ocs 2 by mr-fallout (Brandon Noll) with 55 reads. Name: Jim Tim Age: 17 17 Gender: male ma.


ahoge bangs black hair blush collarbone commander (girls frontline) drinking eyebrows visible through hair from side girls frontline green eyes hair between eyes headphones hood hooded jacket jacket juice box male focus open clothes open jacket shijiu

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First Love Monster ~ Shinonhara, omg I loved him so much! My shy lil cinnamon roll

Anime Eye Styles by annoKat on deviantART

More anime eyes! Yayz But this time, I decided to draw both female (top) and male (bottom) This was my first time drawing male eyes, but I think they turned out well Hope you like it

Resultado de imagen para dibujos kawaii faciles comida

Resultado de imagen para dibujos kawaii faciles comida