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Importance of 504s

I had a 504 plan in high school. It saved my public school experience. I was lucky to have a very accommodating school and teachers, but I know plenty of my friends were not blessed with such.

Oh the feels...

It’s easier to say you’re antisocial… Ugh, this hurt my heart. Oh the feels! Sherlock Holmes, Loki, Dean Winchester and The Doctor SuperWhoLock and Avengers

10 Fresh Memes Today!#8 How To Type A Job Application.

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Haha, that's too fun

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For Tom/Loki, the actor and character are total opposites. For RDJ/Tony Stark, they are literally the same.

What Would You Rather?

Greatest dilemma in human history. Choose wisely<< honestly all of these were no-brained for me :)))


um i think david tennant's enormous grin at watching billie piper win hers is about a tie. :) <-- I think Merlin wins but that's just me.

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This is one of my favorite posts ever. I'm laughing too hard at this