( • _ •) ...ficamos assim... ( • _ •)>⌐■ -■.... no silencio da alma (⌐■ _ ■ ) ... tentando uma maneira de ser feliz. . . ___Sol Holme__

London, UK artist Jacob Sutton

I love how mysterious this photograph is! I like that some aspects of the Image are more focused than others underwater image by jacob sutton

zeroing:  Venitia Scott

I chose this image because I feel that it is a proper representation of how the missionary's children would be feeling. These children are put in a strange place that may seem unfamiliar and empty. Their lives are turned upside-down by


Fotógrafo documenta depressão através de autorretratos - FotoPro

Photographie artistique en noir et blanc

90 idées de photographie noir et blanc qui peut décorer vos murs

Shape by Quentin Arnaud - Great examples of rim lighting

la forme des visages

Shape by Quentin Arnaud - Great examples of rim lighting. Bump up the ambient just a tad so the face isn't completely lost? play with reflectors to get a half lit nose/lips and some catch in the eyes? try with eyes closed as well.

#photography - Self Portraits by Noell S. Oszvald --- every one of my baths

Self Portraits by Noell S. Oszval A very cool effect adding the transparent veil to the woman like a confining layer of some intangible nature.