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Así eran los mensajes de texto

Remember these? This is old school text messaging! Funny thing- I still have some of mine saved from my friends from high school! Do you remember these? And do you have any you saved?

Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog: Old School - More Vintage Fun

Old School - More Vintage Fun

I just read that the last state canceled cursive in Kindergarten. As a former English teacher, I find that so sad! How will young people sign their names? or just a swipe on some smart device? I miss real books too!

Who tried?

Funny pictures about This Childhood Myth. Oh, and cool pics about This Childhood Myth. Also, This Childhood Myth photos.

The Card Catalog-everybody knew how to alphabetize in the old days!

prehistoric googling ~ a time when everybody new the Dewey Decimal system.or use a Librarian to find a book!

This was the second greatest day. | 33 Pictures That Will Take All Brits Right Back To Their Childhoods

There was no feeling like being put in charge of the OHP.

Air raid drills in schools.  I remember the "DUCK and COVER"  drills in the early 60's.  Discontinued about 1964

Duck and cover and don't look at the blast -School nuclear bomb drill during the Cold War. I remember doing this in school in Los Angeles, CA in the

I had this doll i loved it her hair would grow and it had a knob on her back you whined it back up.

My Top 5 Favorite Toys

loved this doll. Push her belly button to let her hair grow long. And wind up the knob on her back to make it short. My sister had this fun doll.