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Tian Shan, Kirghizia on the border of Kyrgystan and China

Sunset at Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick, Canada. A wall of water comes in at high tide, often approaching 30 feet.  This tidal push actually reverses the flow of the St. Lawrence river twice a day.

Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, Canada. The Bay of Fundy is an unique and amazing place. So much water comes in and out of the Bay at tide as to be unbelievable.

Beautiful...Eiger north face?

Everest, Nepal - This is the image of Geng Xu or the Metal Mountain Dog pillar in BaZi birth charts. This is the spirit of those who want to conquer climbing mount Everest.



New Zealand

New Zealand

French Alps

Hiking in the "Massif des Cerces", french alps. Autumn colours and elusive shadows.this is close to Briançon. Amazing place for climbing and hiking. Skiing just close with Serre Chevalier, a great place for a having a sunny winter

conquering Mount Olympus, Greece

Living on the edge: 30 extreme photos that will take your breath away

Mount Olympus, Greece by David Clifford Photography Mount Olympus (/əˈlɪmpəs, oʊˈlɪm-/; also transliterated as Olympos, and on Greek maps, Oros Olympos) is the highest mountain in Greece and the second highest mountain in the Balkans.

First snow of the year in Mt Seymour Provincial Park in BC, Canada

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. United States:  looks cold but oh so beautiful. I would go

Sea Kayaking in Glacier Bay National Park in Southeast Alaska. Water so clear the kayak appears to be floating in the air.

Early mornings By: @rodtrvn #campeveryday

Early mornings By: @rodtrvn #campeveryday

Fjällvandring Bardu 2009 by danielvansbro

lifestyleoftheunemployed: Check out the Reading. lifestyleoftheunemployed: “ Check out the Reading List ”

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Midway, Utah Ice Castle are beautiful creations made entirely out of icicles. There is no supporting substructure. The beauty of the Ice Castle lies in its organic, ever-evolving nature. Its fascinating ice formations are dynamic.This year they will be at