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The Clydesdale horse breed was originally from Scotland. Its name comes from the river Clyde which is found in the southern region. Although the horse is an old breed that has been around for centuries, there is some evidence that it may not have been native to the region. The general belief is that the horse breed emerged after female Scottish horses were mated with larger ones imported from England. The result was the Clydesdale breed that featured horses far larger than their English…

Country Living - Winter Just like a horse I used to ride when I was kid, the gentlest of giants.


Auburn is a black silver dapple Gypsy Vanner mare with her black silver dapple filly Breeze

URGENT: DEC 2017 - gov wants to kill our wild horses and burros. Please visit: https://americanwildhorsecampaign.org/ and returntofreedom.org  -LJane

Sweet Arabian mare and foal - Horse photography by Blanka Satranova v:

Dutch draft horse stallion named Astor van de Vliert

He looks like a giant stone statue :) Dutch draft horse stallion named Astor van de Vliert


That is referred to as Reverse Dapple Roan on The Equine Tapestry Rare colored horses! Such a cool coat color!


Fury Age: 3 Gender: Stallion Mate: Open Space Personality: Wildchild, Funny, Smart, and a bit overprotective but only because he cares for his herd Backstory: He escaped a Barn Fire from a popular Draft Horse Barn nearby and is trying to free other horses

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The clear blue sky contrasting the stunning black sand beach is not hard to find in Iceland, as it can appear in several locations.