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I like how it shows them seamlessly working together, and that they don't change at all

I like how it shows them seamlessly working together - I know! Great fanart too, love the flow. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, zootopia

Rem Art

Newest Zootopia comic (by Omg I shouldn't ship this but I do and I can't stop XD

e621 2016 anthro bloodborne buckteeth canine cape clothing crossover…

Картинки по запросу bloodborne zootopia<<<<<why.


2016 anthro buckteeth canine clothed clothing cute disney duo female fox hi_res judy_hopps lagomorph liego long_ears male mammal nick_wilde rabbit romantic_couple simple_background size_difference standing teeth zootopia

Mistake of Nature

ky-jane: “ “ You got the right to remain right here with me; I’m on your tail in a hot pursuit! Love is a high-speed chase racing down the street… woo-oo, woo-oo, woo– … I’m comin’ after y o u– ” This will be a print available at SLCC Comic Con this.

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