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Находи в Интернете самые красивые картинки и делись ими с друзьями по всему миру

There is a lot of talk about whether Chara as a character is evil. Is Chara evil and why or why not?


Pixiv Id Undertale, Chara (Undertale), Apple, Blood On Face, Scratch

ink sans - Google Search

1 The gift from the story Creative love Ink!Sans x gifted!reader by (Yusuke_Kitagawa_Fangirl) with reads.

FriskXSans Frisk: you told Sans that you like him

Luna: *le hands Sans some echo flowers* 143 you babe Human! Sans: *blushes blue* Love you to >///<

Undertale Sketchdump 2 AU's by inupuppy1412 on DeviantArt

Undertale Sketchdump 2 AU's by on DeviantArt I love underswap, inktale, dancetale, and I love em all >\\\\\<