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:: i see colour by hawberries on DeviantArt

:: i see colour by hawberries on DeviantArt. Keith and Lance, Klance

Me waiting fir Klance to be canon

Bugles, what kind of fake off brand Fritos is that>>Bugles are better what are you talking about << I agree with the second comment


This reminds me of an animated short I love, 'bout two guys visiting an aquarium.

Keith / Lance

He's trying so hard! AGH <<< This is so freaking cute lol poor Keith, you goober

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i mean klance isn’t my fav and i’d rather have mullet boy lance and awkward undercut shiro (haha get it because his new haircut from suCKs) but klance is still really nice oof + lance growing a mullet is so nice omg

#lancemcclain, #voltron, #keithkogane, #klance

Donald Trump would deport this joke

I bet that Keith tried to apologise afterwards but Lance is so embarrassed that he just hides in his room, until Hunk comes and drags him out and shoves him onto Keith

And people are still telling me that Klance isn’t real

And people are still telling me that Klance isn’t real<<< it's really not, they're more of brothers than lovers

Hahaha I don't ship it but this one was too funny to pass up<<< I. SHIP. EVERYTHING!!?

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You just can't read it without hearing the sheer high-pitched AFFRONT in his voice it's beautiful

Altean!Lance | Tumblr LANCE AND KEITH HIGHKEY LOVE/HATE EACHOTHER----is no one going to mention the fact the Keith chugged a glass of chocolate milk as it was alcohol?

Shiro just stares at Kieth knowing that klance is OTP

his eyes are dead <<< and so is his brother

real talk this would actually be what happens though and then Pidge would walk in right then and then just turn right back around, laughing so hard reduced to slinking along the floor

Klance+❤= gay :3

Yeaaaah, I want Keith to be a little flirtatious shit while Lance is the lonely wolf lolol