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The cold stare of the Snowy Plaid Hipster. What could this magnificent beast be thinking. And then he was gone, as quickly as he had appeared.

beards make your clothes fall off.

Beards are like Tequila. They'll make your clothes fall off . <Because guys w/beards man>

The message is so substantial, I couldn't justify 'Facial Hair & Tweeds'.

.b3ardos only

brotherhood of mustaches & beards // miami, fl // brain powell good buddy

BEARDED GOSPEL MEN, website about beards. :-)

i found a photo that captures my love of bone anatomy and my love of beards at the same time. is this heaven?

How men feel with beards.

How I feel with a beard

My feeling with a beard Funny Pictures Funny Quotes Funny Jokes – Photos, Images, Pics

Nick Offerman’s Guide To Acceptable Facial Hair

Nick Offerman gives us a Fantastic Guide To Facial Hair . The guide shows Acceptable and Unaccepta.

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Are you wondering how many beard styles are there? This article features a man's guide to beards infographic. See 16 types of men's beards.

Francois Verkerk

Movember is an annual event that encourages men to grow facial hair to raise money for men’s health. There's a Movember moustache styles for everyone!