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Magic. If only this were real

Keep of Illia - Fairies, Creatures of the forest, and other mythical beings. Behind the realm of silver dreams, trees and lakes grow in silence.Between magic and divine light they sing, beyond the ancient throne of nature.

Chi-Hoo Shrine by SeanSoong.deviantart.com on @deviantART. Wonderful concept inspiring visions of the Hall of Legends for #Valanas.

I like how the armours depicted in the artwork are based on actual Chinese armours instead of the "fantasized" armour we so often found in Chinese wuxia and period drama/movie. Chi-Hoo Shrine by Sean Soong on deviantART

The tree was spoke of in hushed tones, for its power was immeasurable, its deep roots piercing into the very core of the realm. It sustained us, kept darkness at bay, and perhaps even the Gods themselves could not save us should it fall.

Fantasy Illustrations by Jonas Åkerlund The magical tree in the forest where all things are possible


The Forest City, a secret place where mystical forest creatures can stay, safe and hidden.

The Portal

The Window to the beautiful Realm of Magical Fantasy, Fairies, Princesses 👸🏼 and Unicorns 🦄 Step through the door again to the terrifying Realm of Darkness of fire raging Dragons, the terror of Beasts and bad Witches.