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La Catedral Cruces de Mayo 2014

La Catedral Cruces de Mayo 2014

The Roman Theatre of Cartagena. Museo Teatro Romano de Cartagena. Cartagena. Spain. 13th c.  by Trujinauer on Flickr.

The Roman Theatre of Cartagena, Spain. The theatre was built between 5 and 1 BC; the Old Cathedral was built on top of it in c.

Tips for a Cartagena Walking Tour on Spain's Mediterranean Coast

Tips for a Cartagena Walking Tour on Spain's Mediterranean Coast

On a Cartagena walking tour, discover colorful art-nouveau buildings on Spain's Mediterranean Coast.

The Roman Theatre of Carthago Nova and Cathedral ruins of Cartagena, Spain

Ruins of Roman Amphitheatre, Cartagena, Spain. Cartagena is located in the Region of Murcia, by the Mediterranean coast, south-eastern Spain.

amazing paths around the world Cartagena, Spain

I recently traveled to South America.Argentina and Colombia. I love traveling to old/historic cities.

Cartagena, Spain


Spain, Murcia (autonomous region), Cartagena by the Mediterranean Sea. Ruins of the Roman amphitheatre the Santa Maria La Vieja Cathedral.

Things to Do Cartagena Spain...  Looks like it's good just to walk around..

Top 5 Things To Do In Cartagena

With family living in Murcia, we couldn’t say no to a little bus trip down to Cartagena (not to be confused with Colombia’s Cartagena – we are still on mainland Spain! Cartagena is a small town located within the region of Murcia, and it is …