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Such a manly man...I miss him so much :(....But I hope he is happy with his choice and I support his choice like for Tao,Kris,and Lay

Yu Luhan of EXO (yes I know his surname is actually Lu but I decide to put him in the Yu family)

Sexy and Handsome Level upppppppppp !

Exo Tao, Luhan, Sehun + Lay for Magazine June 2014 Issue

EXO-K Overdose (Fangirl Version) You won't regret clicking on this!!! OMG I LAUGHED SO SO SO HARD

EXO-K Overdose (Fangirl Version) This is the funniest thing ever!

Those are my favorite live outfits ^_^. Also the suspenders...

This shows how big of a fan you are of luhan this personality quiz will start of with easy questions then they will get harder

I see Suho, Yixing, BaekYeol Emerging from the back, Kai doing... his thing, Luhan and half of Xiumin's face. HAHA <----XD

I see Suho, Yixing, BaekYeol Emerging from the back, Kai doing. his thing, Luhan and half of Xuimins face

Next!... Please :) baekkie and channie...and another flash of Sehun

Please :) baekkie and channie.and another flash of Sehun

That's when i fell in love with him FIERCE LULU. (one of my favorite moments of the teaser... gaaalalaalahaahhah)

OMG I never realized it was Luhan, his hair is so freakin awesome!