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James Dean with his cousin, Marcus, photographed by Dennis Stock.

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jamesdeaner: “ James Dean with his cousin, Marcus, photographed by Dennis Stock.

The Greatest Of All Time.  Muhammad Ali, 1963

Muhammed Ali (Cassius Clay - Monopoly), Louisville, Kentucky, Muhammad Ali Museum within walking distance of Kentuckiana Court Reporters.

Audrey Hepburn reading. http://tolstoytherapy.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Learn-More-by-Studying-Less-Association-Metaphor-Analogy

Learn More by Studying Less: Learning by Association, Metaphor, Analogies

Eight Things Cultured People Do Differently What do cultured people look like? What do they sound like? What do they think about? And, most importantly, how do they operate? {According to Anton Chekhov}

Humphrey Bogart - www.remix-numerisation.fr

Humphrey Bogart Best known for “The Maltese Falcon” and “Casablanca”, Bogart was a mega-star in the golden age of Hollywood. The photographer who took this shot, George Hurrell, was responsible for many of the “glamour shots” in Hollywood in the a

James Dean in the midst of good times while on break of filming Rebel Without a Cause ..I love all these pictures of him being genuinely happy.

There aren't very many photos taken of James Dean smiling but these are a select few. Taken during the filming of 'Rebel Without a Cause'

James Dean

James Dean filming his own footage on the set of “Giant”,