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Chris Garver

Chris Garver - amazing tattoo work & can we just get married already?

Ami James

Ami James - Get a Tattoo by Ami!

Kayne Lawton... I don't know who you are, but as far as I'm concerned you're a very delicious new find... you have officially won a seat on the Double Scoop board! yum!

i now want an australian rugby player! (Kaine Lawton: Australian rugby player (and named one of the country's most-eligible bachelors).

Is there any better combo than dark hair and green eyes in a man??? The answer to that would be ... NO!

Chris Nunez - Tattoo Artist - Judge from Ink Master

Ami James of NY Ink

Ami James of Miami Ink

Ami James - one of the best tattoo artists

Hannah and her fiancé Zach. Several weeks before their wedding, Zach got a tattoo of an insulin pump on his hip that resembles the real-life pump Hannah wears. all I can say is awww hoe sweet!



Kat Von D, love love love her style! She seriously pulls off every hair color!

@Crystal Chou Vires-Smith hehehe :]

People say, oh what will you do when you're old with all those tattoos? Be Fucking fabulous , DUH!

Type 1 Diabetes tattoo- ribbon, date diagnosed, lily to represent inner strength & healing

Apparently, tattoos are turning out to be one of the greatest tools for diabetes awareness. Here are some ideas and designs for Diabetes Tattoos.

Kat Von D Wedding Ring | All smiles: Kat Von D grins and flashes her engagement ring as she ...

Kat Von D spotted wearing engagement ring again after announcing wedding is back on

Kat Von D spotted wearing engagement ring again after announcing wedding is back…

Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" Charm Bracelet

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Charm Bracelet

TNBC Charm Bracelet- never thought I was a charm bracelet kinda gal.

'For Dan, by Teresa far anyways'

Skull Tattoo Design by Teresa Unger

THEE Corey Miller ;) I love him & I am going to get tattooed by him one day

me encanta este hombre