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Explicando las Granjas Verticales: haciendo de las ciudades las productoras de alimentos del futuro

The project uses space and materials in the most efficient way possible – the skins of the honeycomb-like towers also serve as solar energy generators that harvest sunlight and produce biofuel. “Phylolights” produce both light and energy using wind turbines.

Futuristic Paris Smart City is filled with flourishing green skyscrapers

the ‘honeycomb towers’ double the height of the city’s existing residences image © vincent callebaut architectures vincent callebaut architectures paris smart city 2050 green towers designboom

Designed by Stefano Boeri, the Bosco Verticale is a towering 27-story structure, currently under construction in Milan, Italy. Once complete, the tower will be home to the world's first vertical forest.

Bosco Verticale in Milan Will Be the World's First Vertical Forest

The world’s first vertical forest is in the making - at Milan, Italy. Designed by Stefano Boeri - architect, academic and former editor of desi

11 Vertical Farms to Transform Our Cities

11 Vertical Farms to Transform Our Cities

vertical farming concept

Dickson Despommier, a professor at Columbia University, created the vertical farm concept with 82 graduate students. He says that the skyscrapers could protect a city's food supply from floods and droughts, and from pathogens that attack crops

new york temporary farm in containers

P.S. Farm? PS1's Public Farm 1 is now open for picking

Project Public Farm 1 was constructed in 2008 (NY) as an educational and social space that functioned as an urban farm. Edible vegetables, fruits, salads were located in raised planter columns which grave rise to an eye catching structure.

vertical agriculture / urban farming

Subsequent ideas for building up and green have further integrated greenery into the very function of buildings, from pragmatic passive cooling and filtering systems to organic forms that reflect the function of these hybrid structures.

The Barbican Conservatory, LondonBarbican ConservatoryI

The Barbican, London (From Moon to Moon)

Forgotten Spaces: the Barbican Conservatory in London. I remember when it was first built and to most eyes was simply a concrete monstrosity. Luckily nature has other ideas.

5 Urban Design Proposals for 3D City Farms: Sustainable, Ecological and Agricultural Skyscrapers

5 Urban Design Proposals for City Farms: Sustainable, Ecological and Agricultural Skyscrapers