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Winza Sapphire and her seeing-eye Pearl! (who I’ve decided is an Abalone Pearl) Also since I barely use the gems I have, I’ve decided if anyone wants to adopt these two they can, I’ll adopt them.*adopted by @ the-king-of-clowns*

Gemsona - Bloodshot Iolite by JordanSlavens on DeviantArt

Drew more of my Bloodshot Iolite gemsona Still deciding on a weapon for her =/ not to sure on what I want to use. Gemsona - Bloodshot Iolite (old design)

Floofhips : Photo

I unfused Fluorite! 3 maxixes, a red pearl, a pink sapphire and an emerald!

This is frickin amazing!!!!

I drew a big ol’ Steven Universe scramble, I really like how it turned out! If you come see me at Otakon I’m gonna be selling it as a print. Steven Universe is a good show and I’m super glad kids have it! Some of the episodes are hit or miss for me.

Clinohumite -Gemfusion by JordanSlavens on DeviantArt

Fusion between Amber and Topaz (Topaz secretly likes Amber so he loves to fuse with her)

Water guardián

“Dendri by numplanet Gender: non-binary Pronouns: he/him/his Height: Weapon: Claymore, about as big as he is Gem Type: Dendritic Moss Agate Likes: play fighting, video games,learning new fighting.

Behold. ---------------------- EDIT: I just changed Ruby, Sapphire and Peridot. Try noticing the change.

---------------------- EDIT: I just changed Ruby, Sapphire and Peridot. Try noticing the change.

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