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.La fresa es una de las frutas más comunes y degustadas por todos. Pero, ¿conocéis las fresas blancas?    La Pineberry proviene de América del Sur y se cultiva en invernaderos. Comienza siendo de color verde cuando no está madura, y poco a poco va adquiriendo el color blanco con semillitas rojas hasta estar lista para comérsela. Esta frutilla es originaria de CHILE, llamada tambien "Fragaria Chiloensis"

The pineberry is a white strawberry with red seeds. Pineberries are actually the oldest strawberry variety. Originally strawberries were white in South America and red in North America (known as scarlets).

rainbow grapes

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How to Start a Ladybug Garden  http://www.howdididoit.com/home-garden/how-to-start-a-ladybug-garden/

You can purchase ladybugs online or at a local nursery and release them to start a ladybug garden! The benefits of having ladybugs in your garden include being able to cute back on pesticides and ridding your flower beds of aphids and other insect pests.

Pineberries ~ Need to ck. into these! ~

Pineberry - is a strawberry cultivar. When ripe, it is almost completely white, but with red seeds. The fruit flesh can range from soft white to orange and is very fragrant with a slight pineapple flavor. I have never tasted one of these.

blackberry-bush pruning - 2 yr canes bear fruit - early spring cut off 24" to make more side branches - after fruit remove cane at ground level.  8/10 -cut huge stems with large tool - had to cut roots from bottom - got into new 17 gal tub with new mix, coir MC.  Only 1 little stem left - most were 2nd yr bearing stems.  Need to cut more - later.  Used huge stems for leverage to move.

Pruning Blackberry Bushes: How And When To Prune Blackberry Bushes

Blackberry Pruning: How To Trim Blackberry Bushes - Pruning blackberry bushes can not only help keep blackberries healthy, but will also help it to have a larger crop. Take a look at how and when to prune blackberry bushes in this article.

Best Seed Tape Ever. You Guessed It, Toilet Paper. Planting Tiny Seeds Is Easy With This Simple Gardening Trick.

Best seed tape ever! Yup you guessed it toilet paper! Planting tiny seeds is easy with this simple gardening trick! Tip: Alternate carrot seeds with radish seeds

bananas vermelhas

Red bananas are smaller and plumper than the common Cavendish banana. When ripe, raw red bananas have a flesh that is cream to light pink in color. They are also softer and sweeter than the yellow Cavendish varieties, with a slight raspberry flavor.