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HAHAHA...we actually had the exact experience with stuff you sprayed on furniture to keep them from chewing...Bella licked it off, and then started chewing again

It doesn’t work. - as an owner of a German Shepherd puppy, I can attest to this.

14 Reasons to Avoid Public Transportation. Dying.

14 Reasons to Avoid Public Transportation. The Rainbow Bus Club is my favorite.

seems reasonable #funnyspider #lol

Might need a bigger gun! So my husband! So what if you have to burn the house down to kill one spider!

Why no one uses Midhusbands.

Another pinner said "Pregnancy Humor - Midhusbands (this is the exact reason to use a midhusband! yes it hurts, get me a damn beer!

10 Fresh Teacher Memes! #4 Learn Periodic Table With Lady Gaga Song.