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Nah look at that face, he can sense it

Well my mind is blown

Perfect description of the scene...especially Snape's facial expression.

the one thing good thing i believe Snape did was to save Draco from Voldemort. Voldemort would've killed Draco if he knew that's where the Elder wanda allegiance lied, Snape saved him by not sharing that information with Voldemort.

You know nothing until you've read the books actually

When Harry hated him, he called him Malfoy (it sounds pretty dang sinister tbh). When Harry respected him, he called him Draco (still pretty evil).

Happy birthday to the Queen of Sass, Dame Maggie Smith, who played Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter films.

The Boy Who Lived on

Harry Potter - Minerva McGonagall, Queen of Sass

I do it every time!!!

Yep, read it in the accent

The Potter feels will never cease.

Draco is the perfect foil to Harry. Opposite sides yet the same in so many ways.

Why didn't they do this to his hair in ALL the movies??

it's also funny, because yes, he is in fact the hottest in Prisoner of Azkaban, in my opinion.<<< I thought he was hottest in The Goblet of Fire tbh


I'm sorry, but hot damn Tom.

Haha guys it was once.

I love how Ron looks like he's trying really hard not to laugh or be impressed, because dang it Harry, this is serious!