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Draw your living room, your couch and family tree in frames using a pen. Practicing with a pen creates flow and freedom of movement.

one of my current tattoo ideas. the celtic tree of life is a symbol for strength, family, resilience, and friendship which all mean a lot to me. this one is a bit different from the normal interpretation of the symbol but i like it a lot better.

Five Takes on the Family Tree. Some REALLY cute ideas on how to simply depict family trees. I really, really like the tree stump with the leaves. So unique and adorable!

Rufous Treepie (Dendrocitta vagabunda) in Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, India

Ethereal Beauty by Kmye Chan - ethereal work of Kmye Chan. Her gorgeous images are created with a range of traditional materials (watercolours, inks and pens to name but a few), and have more than a hint of Parisian Gothic chic.