Pretty Green Eyes | face without freckles is like a night without stars.”

Mary Kuzmenkova is talented photographer,designer from Moscow. Check 10 Most Beautiful Examples For Portrait Photography By Mary Kuzmenkova

Project Idea: Floral print projected on face  Cara Delevingne - Inspiration for Photography MIdwest | | #photoghrapymidwest

ccccaradelevingne: “ daughteroftheninetails: “ truangles: “ truangles: “ Cara Delevingne coloured by Parrot feathers by Me, see the rest of my art here ” Hory shet, 10000 notes.

young Nataliya, blonde hair, blue eyes. Really really blue eyes

Top 10 Most Beautiful Portraits Of Blue Eyed People

This is too accurate...except I don't think I'm caring enough...but people have told me these things before

Why add attractive/adorable? Are people with brown or hazel or green eyes not attractive/adorable? That is eye color racism.

Miranda Kerr. I LOVE that in this pic you can see her freckles, that she hasn't covered them with makeup.