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Ik this isn't a lot today but I've got homework and stuff so sorry guys but I still love u all bye cookie crumbs  #pinecest #pinecest_ #pinecestshippers #pinecestislife #disney #dismeyshows #disneyshows #mabel #dipper

4 years after Gravity Falls Season Dipper and Mabel are returning … Romance

Wendy is beautiful, tho Pinterest: ledolinhgiang

Wendy is beautiful, tho Pinterest: ledolinhgiang

nahh maybe later || #limey art

old timey Pines twins is it me or does dipper kinda make me think of leo valdez? Dude, Dipper looks like Leo Valdez, I swear.

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mabel and reverse dipper. kinda want the reverse to meet their other twin. like rdipper meets mabel and rmabel meets dipper

True. But apparently the fact that Stan has a twin and that twin is the author were literally the only things we got right...

If you are confused (spoiler alert) It's the Stanley theory