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Tiburones en las Galápagos

A hammerhead shark swims close to Wolf Island at Galapagos Marine Reserve August Picture t.

20-Foot Monster Shark Once Trolled Mesozoic Seas

20-Foot Monster Shark Once Trolled Mesozoic Seas

A bottom-up view of ice (Melting) in the Antarctic as an emperor penguin shoots to the surface. Photograph by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic 6/18

Antarctic's Ice Shelves Melting From the Bottom Up Ice shelves lose more mass where the ice meets the sea than previously thought.

A potential new treatment has now been identified for Type 1 diabetes, by tricking stem cells from the stomach into becoming insulin-producing 'mini-organs' within the body. This image shows a section of the mini organ engineered to produce insulin-secreting cells (shown in red)

'Mini-stomachs' grown in a lab could help cure Type 1 diabetes

Regenerative Biology: Harvard Scientists Create Mini-Organs Capable of Producing Insulin - Truth Code

The frilled shark was caught on a fishing trawler in waters near Lakes   Entrance in the Gippsland region in southeastern Australia

Rarely seen frilled shark known as the living fossil sighted in Australia

A rare and terrifying frilled shark has been pulled from the water by fishermen near Lakes Entrance in Victoria, Australia.


Scientists Successfully Removed HIV From Human Immune Cells Using Advanced Gene-Editing Method

Underwater Moai Statues on Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Chile                                                                                                                                                     More

The 29 Most Insane Photos From National Geographic's Instagram

"Tourists diving on Easter Island's reef encounter a fake moai, made for a 1994 Hollywood movie and then sunk offshore." Photograph by Randy Olson From "Easter Island," National Geographic, July 2012

О рыбах. Дикие и домашние рыбы.: Короткое сообщение об интересном 15

О рыбах. Дикие и домашние рыбы.: Короткое сообщение об интересном 15

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