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A Nordsuensk stallion - title Brown horse by Emmi Carlssson on deviantART - Tall. Dark. And Handsome!

A Nordsuensk stallion - title Brown horse by Emmi Carlssson on deviantART - Tall. And Handsome! Don't forget beautiful and magnificent.

Gypsy Pony dancing...my vibe thru & thru

The Shire horse is a breed of draught horse or draft horse. The breed comes in many colours, including black, bay and grey. They are a tall breed, with mares standing 16 hands and over and stallions standing 17 hands and over

Merlin Nero XV, blue roan Noriker stallion. Pferdezucht-Austria.

The name comes from the ancient Roman province of Noricum (Austria today) where it was originally bred. They are a medium-heavy draft breed. This beautiful blue roan variant with the always dark/black head is called 'Mohrenkopf'.

Fresian with long beautiful mane walking in Autumn scene.

Friesian with long wavy mane blowing in the gentle wind while walking.

Gorgeous horse!

Horses - Black and white Tobiano stallion - from Goodshapes Barock Pintos. I've always wanted a horse like this but as a gelding.

Carina Maiwald Fotografie - horses http://fotografie-maiwald.blogspot.de/

Horses playing in the water. They love it! Chestnut horse on the beach ‹ Carina Maiwald – EQUINE IMAGES / Pferdefotografie Just beautiful pictures of magnificent creatures.