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Newspaper Art Photoshop Action #photoeffect Download: http://graphicriver.net/item/newspaper-art-photoshop-action-/14103713?ref=ksioks

Newspaper Art Photoshop Action

Buy Newspaper Art Photoshop Action by Eugene-design on GraphicRiver. Newspaper Art Action turns your photos into an abstract composition of letters, pieces of newspapers and geometric s.

Erik Johansson. We talked about this guys work in class, but when I came across it again on Pinterest I was still super impressed. Knowing he uses hundred of layers is amazing. HIs work is so detailed and imaginative. I enjoy his work a lot, especially the blending of nature with other things.

Photoshop Genius Erik Johansson.

Epic Photoshop Action #photoeffect Download: http://graphicriver.net/item/epic-photoshop-action/13652866?ref=ksioks

Epic Photoshop Action

Buy Epic Photoshop Action by Eugene-design on GraphicRiver. Epic Photoshop Action – this effect turns your photo into a super epic composition. A lot of smoke and light create .

Splash Art Kit #Photoshop Action - Photo Effects Actions Download here:  https://graphicriver.net/item/splash-art-kit-photoshop-action/19409983?ref=alena994

Splash Art Kit Photoshop Action

Splash Art Kit Photoshop Action - add splashes to your artwork, change color, connect your main hero to the global composition fast and very easily.

Spirit Photoshop Action - Photo Effects Actions

Spirit Photoshop Action by Eugene-design Spirit Action – it’s space effect that turns your photos into abstract and surrealistic composition with stars and magic lines.