Sailor Mercury by

Five months after I painted the other ones - here's Sailor Mercury as well. The others: Sailor Moon - [link] Sailor Mars - [link] Sailor Jupiter - [link.

Japanese Pop Idol Sailor Moon Redesigns

I finished Rococo Sailor Mars! Jupiter soon. Prints are available on and RB, and after I finish the inner set I'll do a personal signed print preorder.

I had so many problems drawing this piece..  really realized a lot and a lot of places that I still need to work on.  It's almost depressing, feeling your improvements come ever so slowly...

sailor-moon-arts: “ Sailor Moon: Under the Moon-lit Skyby Animus-Rhythm ”

Sailor Moon: Modern Guardians

halfglovepunch: “ Sailor Moon: Modern Guardians With the anniversary of Sailor Moon happening, I decided to redesign the five main Sailor Scouts and give their outfits/uniforms and tailor them to.

by aimeemajor

Idol Sailor Venus Art Print - Would love to make this as a cosplay!

ArtStation - Samurai Moon Group, Claudia Solis - Ninja Mercury

Ninja Mercury looks beautiful dressed in a traditional shinobi outfit with matching tabi shoes. She’s distinguished by the kanji 水 (water), which represents Mercury, or 水星 (suisei).