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“Mirror, Mirror,” at Throckmorton Fine Art, includes 40 images of Kahlo taken by more than a dozen photographers.

Nickolas Muray Frida Kahlo con un vestito azzurro 1939 The Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection of Century Mexican Art and The Vergel Foundation, Cuernavaca Photo by Nickolas Muray © Nickolas Muray Photo Archives


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Frida, so beautiful. This amazing woman pushed every boundary that a woman could at that time. she's my idol - Kara May

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Frida Kahlo was born on July 6 1907 and remains one of the most iconic artist of the century.

She's impacted everyone from Madonna to Givenchy to Dolce & Gabbana.

Tracing Frida Kahlo’s Influence on the Fashion World

With the publication of Frida Kahlo: Fashion as the Art of Being this month, we discover more about the Mexican painter who influenced contemporary fashion, challenged gender stereotypes and shaped our eyebrows

A Little Inspiration From Frida Kahlo

My love for Frida is neverending, and deeper than the depths of any ocean.

Doña Frida de Rivera, nuestra maestra querida nos dice: Vengan muchachos, yo les mostraré la vida.

Through her paintings, she breaks all the taboos of the womans body and of female sexuality.