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El #RegaloPerfecto es FICCIONES de Jorge Luis Borges

El #RegaloPerfecto es FICCIONES de Jorge Luis Borges


Aidan Turner as John Mitchell ❤

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The Heliocentrics & Melvin Van Peebles - The Last Transmission

Werewolf by tonton-jojo on deviantART

On this monitor it's pretty dark, should I lighten it up? And here it is, finished for the most part. I'm very bored here.

Unexpected catch

A big fish in a small sea or a small fish in a big sea? Well, in this case i suppose you prefer to be the big one, don't you?

Arrows, Supergirl

Moon and crow

The Fantasy Art of James Zapata

The moment between baby Leo and Shard that changed everything. By jasjuliet from the Shards of a Memory AU.  http://jasjuliet.tumblr.com/post/47423946719/mother-for-shardsoftangshen

It blows my mind a little every time someone posts fanart for “Falling.

MRW I am a recovering alcoholic and I smell spiced rum

MRW the new content poll includes the option to "Change or revert the combat system"