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Big Five in der Savanne - Big Five sind Tiere in Afrika dazu geh�ren der Elefant, das Nashorn, der B�ffel, der L�we und der Leopard.

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Geier tiere bilder

Geier tiere bilder

Geier tiere bilder

Geier tiere bilder

Vultures may be ugly birds and their lifestyles are of the “hold your nose” variety but as nature's clean-up crew they're definitely leaders of the pack. In honor of International Vulture Awareness Day and in appreciation for their outstanding accomplishments in the field of organic salvage and remediation, we're proud to present the world's 8 most amazing vultures!

Keep Calm and Carrion: 8 Amazing Vultures

Keep Calm and Carrion: 8 Amazing Vultures - WebEcoist


Californian Turkey Vulture by John J. Audubon Giclee Print Repro on Canvas

Il ddl di contrasto al cyberbullismo punta sulla prevenzione a scuola e sull’oscuramento dei siti

How to beat Internet trolls and stamp out cyberbullying - UK - An extremely horrific consequence of bullying online has happened in the UK too often. Read this to help your children/young people to stay safe.