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#Black #Magic | Vasilisa with Baba Yaga’s Fire, by Kate Adams

Vassilisa with Baba Jaga’s Fire, by Kate Adams/ The tale of Baba Yaga- one of my favorite old school fairytales

Иллюстратор Артур Август Диксон (Arthur Augustus Dixon) 1872-1959

From the Frost, The Frost could not help admiring her, illustration from 'Stories of Russian Fairy Tales and Legends', published Raphael Tuck, Wall Art Prints by Arthur A.

Russian folk costumes in the beautiful illustrations of Ivan Bilibin

ivan bilibin

Ivan Bilibin illustrated Russian folk tales or skazki which were virtually unknown in Western Europe at the time. This book of Russian folk tales was published in

Virginia Sterett

"Blondine, Bonne-Biche, and Beau-Minon" Old French Fairy Tales, 1920 by Virginia Frances Sterrett From: By a Woman's Hand: Illustrators of the Golden Age by Dover Publications

KADIN  sol göğsünü işaret etti ADAMIN  - Beni bu kadar buraya çeken ne var?  - Her parça ÖZÜNE, bütünlüğüne akar dedi ADAM...

The Rubaiyat by Persian/Iranian poet Omar Khayyam. Omar Khayyam is the author, but the illustration is by René Bull. This version of the Rubaiyat was published in looks like. Man, I think I’m gonna start collecting Rubiayat illustrations.

Vasilisa the Beautiful at the Hut of Baba Yaga ~ artist Ivan Bilibin  #art #illustration #mytumblr

Vasilisa the Beautiful at the Hut of Baba Yaga ~ artist Ivan Bilibin. Love the skull lanterns!

— The Winter Goddess: Percht, Holda, and Related...

fairytalemood: “Baba Yaga” & “Vasilisa” by Tin Can Forest (Marek Colek and Pat Shewchuk)