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Melissa Smith - Avengers Assemble!

Avenvers Assemble Splatter Art by Melissa Smith - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale

Minimalist refers to using very little design elements as possible to communicate a message. Therefore is can sometimes be tricky designing minimal ideas effectively. Minimalist Movie Poster Designs take the most iconic element of a

33+ Awesome Minimalist Movie Poster Designs

This is only a portion of the killer Marvel Minimalist Posters that artist Marko Manev assembled with his creative talents. Get a print at Marvel Minimalist Posters by Marko Manev

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Funny pictures about Beautiful Splatters of Superhero Characters. Oh, and cool pics about Beautiful Splatters of Superhero Characters. Also, Beautiful Splatters of Superhero Characters.

the poison ivy and black widow ones... I'm gay..

Melissa Smith's Superhero Splatter Art - For a moment I thought Thor was Hawkgirl and then I had some more coffee. But Captain America is AMAZING. <--- love that comment too

I finally finished the Night of The Living Deadpool serie...

This Could Be Our New Deadpool

Canadian photographer, Melissa Smith or bombattack, has created a series of bold superhero splatter art featuring our favorite heroes such as.