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Transforman un viejo autobús escolar

Transforman un viejo autobús escolar en una encantadora casita de campo

How to Transform a Used School Bus into a Roaming Tiny Home: A DIY Skoolie

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Modified the bi-fold bus door to not hinge in the middle so it opens like a regular door, and added a locking doorknob.

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Este remolque de 8 metros cuadrados puede parecer diminuto, pero por dentro es una sorpresa

Lovely Tiny Trailer House - photos - To borrow from Forrest Gump (or to be more specific, Forrest’s momma), tiny houses are like a box of chocolates. You know never what you’re gonna to get — trailer.

how to build a tiny house for less than $2,000

You Can Build This Tiny House for Less Than $2,000

Want to ditch your high housing costs? You can live mortgage free and off the grid if you build this tiny solar-powered cabin.: The Tiny Cabin Packs 400 Square Feet of Living Space

Not all tiny houses on wheels are insurable. Here's what you need to know about getting real insurance for your towable dream home.

What You Need to Know About Tiny House Insurance

Greg Parham of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses likes keeping things simple, earth-friendly and affordable. After discussing your wants, Parham will translate that into your needs and custom build you a home that suits both.

How To Build A Tiny House DIY Plans                                                                                                                                                      More

How to Build a Tiny House

These how to build a tiny house DIY plans are exactly the step by step walkthrough anyone who is considering building their own tiny house needs! I’ve seen so many tiny houses online, and som…

Kaya Box - A hand-built motor caravan in the UK. Its a 1973 Bedford tk, stripped…

Like the "cozy" living space under the loft w/ windows - almost makes it feels like a separate room.

How to Freecycle and Repurpose Tutorials

Just love the feel of this place and the bay window seating! The Sapphire tiny house on wheels from Tiny Heirloom. The home measures just under 200 sq ft.