Change the colour of #Hydrangea by Prunin's given tips.

How to Change Hydrangea Color

If you've ever admired a hydrangea bush blooming in all sorts of pastel shades, you'll be happy to know that the look is achieved by a simple science trick!


The deep hues of this hydrangea is incomparable of any other. Pure, strong, not in the slightest defect. A beautiful birthday treasure to its surroundings.

How to Turn Hydrangeas Blue - via Serenity in the Garden

Serenity in the Garden: No-Fail Tips for Turning Hydrangeas Blue! Can't wait to be able to have these in my backyard! Mine are always blue but I'm looking forward to having a hydrangea hedge.

Look at this Live 'Garden Party' Hydrangea - Set of Two on #zulily today!

Seedling & Sprout live "Garden Party" hydrangea (set of two) on Zulily.

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My grandma had one of these.  I loved this tree. Snowball bush.

Chinese snowball is one of spring's showiest shrubs. White flower clusters 6 to 8 inches across festoon its branches in late spring. The plant gets to 20 feet tall and wide. Though it looks like a hydrangea, it's actually a viburnum.

hydrangea are seen all over the cape.  I have seen these colours when I was there.

Get into the colors of summer! Every house on Cape Cod seems to have hydrangeas in its yard.

Hydrangea - Blue Monday

Blue Monday Hydrangeas, some of my favorite flowers, don't grow in West Texas though.