Garuda por alejdark - Criaturas | wings angel bird people creature feathers gladiator - one of their breeding programs created this. He can "sing" with an effect, but not nearly as powerful or as focused as a siren.

Elite 2 - Angels of the higher orders cannot be summoned by even the most powerful sorcerers. More often than not, the sorcerer will accidentally summon one of the Fallen. In this case, if ANY part of the ceremony fails, the results can be catastrophic.

Necrodemon by Ruan Jia

"Orcus Necrodemon” fantasy illustration created in photoshop by concept artist Ruan Jia of Quebec, Canada

Xnau, traps Legend for 3 annos til Omega One finally defeats him.

Community Post: 6 Things That Only Elders Gods Present At The Birth Of The Universe Will Remember

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Medieval skeleton warrior art by Markus Neidel archer monster beast creature…

Cliff Nielsen an illustrator who creates 2D and 3D photographic vector illustration like this illustration of the arch angel

Gabriel - Hebrew meaning God is my strength : Male. The bible speaks of angels as being fearsome warriors of God who strike fear into the hearts of all who behold them. Cherubs and sexy women angels are an abomination.

Fire Spirit by Thiago Almeida

Fire Spirit by *thiago-almeida on deviantART. Potential primitive spellwarrior or variant kensai I am a massive fan of the use of energy flowing off a characters body and/or weapon and it forming into a shape, or just a smoke effect.

Awesome Digital Art by PO-WEN … Please RT #art #illustration

Awesome Digital Art by PO-WEN. Really cool inspiration for one of my monsters in my board game.

There is a beast dwelling here whose form resembles a rabbit but with a bird’s beak, an owl’s eyes, and a snake’s tail. When it sees people, it falls asleep. It is called the Chouyu and makes a sound like its name. If it is seen, it is an omen of a plague

A monster in Chinese mythology. It's a rabbit with a beak, it has eyes like an owl , its roar sounds like it's calling its name. It says the sight of Qiú Yú predicts the coming of locust plague.

bird people - Tìm với Google

The book talks at some length about the legends of Crow and Raven, especially…