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Let the kids build a backyard fairy garden that will encourage lots of storytelling and literacy skills.

Backyard Fairy Garden Storytelling

Build a backyard fairy garden that will encourage lots of storytelling from the kids. It also packs a load of vocabulary, creativity, and language skills.


I need to start gathering materials to make a toad abode/fairy house with the girls.

Cute and magical mini garden ideas 45

45 Cute and Magical Mini Garden Ideas

Cute and magical mini garden ideas 45

Diy Flower Pot Miniature Fairy Garden - Everyone’s goal is to have a whimsical garden, and there are many ways to do that but the greatest way is by making a flower pot miniature fairy garden. First thing, you will have a lot of fun while making it, it’s like playing with legos, all those mini doors and steps and everything, and second, it will definitely become the centerpiece of your garden because how can something so pretty and cute not be a centerpiece?

Flower Pot Miniature Fairy Gardens - How to Make a Stacked Tiered Flower Pot Miniature Garden Decorated with accessories and plants.

Miniature Campfire - adorable!

Miniature Campfire

Miniature Campfire - What's New - Dollhouse Miniatures - Doll Making Supplies - Craft Supplies

Teacup Fairy Gardens | 25+ Fabulous Fairy Garden

25+ Fabulous Fairy Gardens

Whether you're looking for ideas on where to start or want to add a little extra magic to a garden already made, find hundreds of fairy garden ideas here.

Teacup Fairy Garden with Tutorial .    14 Cute Teacup Mini Gardens Ideas--> http://coolcreativity.com/garden/cute-teacup-mini-gardens-ideas/  #Teapot #Garden #Mini

14 Cute Teacup Mini Gardens Ideas

Teacup Mini Gardens Ideas to create your own Mini Fairy Terrarium Gardens with these miniature terrarium gardens, small water gardens, or combine the both.

11 Inspiring Fairy Gardens (You kn ow you want to make one!)

11 Inspiring Fairy Gardens (You know you want to make one!) Brought to you by Chevrolet Traverse - DIY Fairy Gardens