Lo mejor de origami

Origami Tarantula by Robert Lang folded from a square of a tissue-foil paper.

Origami by South African-born, Canada-based Quentin Trollip

South African artist Quentin Trollip designed and folded this origami armadillo from a single uncut square of paper.

Origami by Orukami

Excelentes ejemplos de Origami [Megapost De Imágenes]

Origami Frog designed by Michael LaFosse. Folded from from cotton rags by Himanshu

SCOTTISH TERRIER    Designed: Peterpaul Forcher  Plegados por: Eric Madrigal

Origami Scottish Terrier by Eric Madrigal. Creator: Peterpaul Forcher, Folded by: Eric Madrigal.

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Origami Ostriches and the books showing you how to make them. Learn more on Gilad's Origami Page.