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This is the color of one of my latest roses.

World's first blue roses after 20 years of research

Climbing rose up every exterior wall... so English.                                                                                                                                                      More

25 Marvelous Flower Walls

I love flowers like this'd climbing rose bush so beautiful on a stone wall Stunning Red Rose Garden Wall

Real Beauty And The Beast Roses Exist, And They'll Last For 3 Years

Real “Beauty And The Beast” Roses Exist, And They’ll Last For 3 Years

Ever received flowers so beautiful, you wished they would last a lifetime?

Common Name: Hybrid Tea Rose Cultivar Blue Moon Species: Rosa sp. 'Blue Moon' Family: ROSACEAE  Although not truly blue, the flowers of this hybrid tea rose cultivar 'Blue Moon' comes about as close to a blue rose as you can get. But for me that looks PURPLE, right?

Flowers in the Dominican Republic

Sterling Silver Rose ~ My absolute favorite rose. The color is a very pale, almost white lavender. Lavender roses have the sweetest frangrance.

'Pink Promise' ~ Hybrid Tea 2009  1 réépinglage    Épinglé à partir de rose.org( what you believe in is as important  as the way you feel . Everything beautiful that blooms takes time.)

Holistic Healing with Roses: Herbal Medicine for a Happier, Healthier Mind and Body

'Pink Promise' ~ Hybrid Tea 2009 1 réépinglage Épinglé à partir de ros

Vintage Pink Rose - finelaceandpearls: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet / Pink Rose on @We Heart It.com - whrt.it/13onnYt

Códigos Sagrados de Agesta: Listado Alfabético

Rosier Charlotte Rampling ® Meihirvin, rosiers à grandes fleurs Meilland Richardier


Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. Laugh uncontrollably and.

FAMOSA  De grosses fleurs très parfumées aux pétales bicolores. Chaque année, ses fleurs seront les reines de vos bouquets d'été. Vous profiterez également de son parfum.  hauteur adulte : 	70-90 cm.

14 DIY ideas for your garden decoration 10

mural de rosas                                                                                                                                                      Mais

Coisas lindas da semana #24

Roses pinned to a Wall! Fun photobooth backdrop idea for a baby shower or wedding

'Francis Meilland' Hybrid Tea Rose - White-pink Stopping to smell the roses - moments to pause and fell the undeniable beauty of connection with self.

The Most Fragrant Roses for Your Garden

Francis Meilland Hybrid Tea Rose And the envelope please? The 2013 All-America Rose Selections (AARS) winner for 2013 is Francis Meilland. This showstopping, hardy hybrid tea won the top rose award in the United States, as well as awards in Europe.

Tres Belle Rose!                                                                                                                                                     More

Rare rose seed osiria twilight 5 seeds rose flower

Black Flowers-Unfortunately, black is often associated with gloom, darkness, sadness and despair. But, it doesn’t really always have to be this way. The great news is that black flowers are now widely available to change such negative connotations into elegance and mystery. Black flowers may seem to come from the world of fairytale, as in reality, there are really no black flowers. Black plants aren’t really black, but are often maroon, deep burgundy, dark purple or deep red. They symbolize…

19 Sophisticated Black Flowers for your Unique Garden

This reminds me of our old character villa as a child, with the brilliant deep coloured vintage roses. I love heirloom roses SO much!

Frosted Roses

Collection OF Exquisite Rose Flower Pictures