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That smile *-*

Awww adorable there for a minute I didn't recognize him as Niall oops

One Direction's Carpool Karaoke: Why didn't they do any covers or include the food bit?  - Sugarscape.com

Niall and James - Late Late Show with James Corden - Carpool Karaoke

when I showed my friend this she went to the store and came back with a lot of green makeup and she almost looked like this

little bit over done it with the eyelashes, but us directioners like our british tea and our irish creme

I and my cousin would definitely be the ones on the floor balling our eyes out.

Relying On Fate - Chapter One

i love you so much .im in of girls .pleas never left the band.i love you soooo muchhhh baby.


I think I'm turning into a Niall girl<<< I'm already a Niall girl boo boo lol