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Chris Hemsworth & Robert Downey Jr Would you entrust these men w/ the fate of the Earth?


I have an unnatural love for photobombs, as well as Jeremy Renner. So, Jeremy Renner photobombing?

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A photo gallery of the funniest celebrity photobombs. A classic celebrity photobomb is so hilariously priceless that Hollywood is getting more and more into the art.

You gotta love rdj... he doesn't make it as a cinnamon roll BUT he makes it as an amazing person

Robert downey jr is freaking awesome! ______________________ This man. This man

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25 cat photo bombs: I am not a cat person but this had me cackling!!!

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Robert Downey Jr. and Jennifer Lawrence need to do an interview together. <--Agreed.

Robert prepares for a part with an omelette. Tony Stark has a thing with omelettes(reference Iron Man and RDJ=Tony Stark.<<<haha i love you RDJ

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