Lol, so me...

I did it with Harry Potter as well. She actually believed me when I said Harry died, Voldemort ended up being under the imperious curse by Dumbledore and Ron was a house elf in disguise. >>> that is so funny I'm going to do that to my friend

This is why i hate piper<<<Fuck you very much, Piper is an amazing character. I don’t understand why the fandom hates Piper so much or Reyna or Rachel. They are all fucking great characters and need to be appreciated more!

RICK RIORDAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>Please?!?! You've already killed most of my favorite characters!

Percy Jackson and Annabeth chase proposal Percy Jackson series books

*doublefacepalms* reposting just for that comment. Imagine if he could though....>>>€>lol

"The exchange involved a lot of yelling, death threats and high velocity pineapples." I love this fandom.

Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus jokes

So, just a head's up, there are some spoilers for The Percy Jackson Series and The Heroes of Olympus Series (like, all of them). I've always loved the Percy Jackson Serie

oh ya! Go Percy! But I still like you as a character Jason. I hate how everyone hates on Jason or Piper. Just STOP.

oh ya! Go Percy! I don't hate Jason or anything, but I still think Percy is waaaayyyyy better.

NEVER. AND JUST FOR THE RECORD, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE OCTAVIAN EITHER. However, I will say, that I wanted him to die, but I never wanted him to die like that.----I never thought Silena as a bad guy

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you just can't like the man who was a douche I THE sally Jackson. I mean she is easily the most badass mother in the series.<<< We can't forgive Octavian for killing my pillow pet ~Percy


Solangelo: Nico son of Hades god of death and Will son of Apollo god of healing. <<< Technically Hades is the god of the dead and Thanatos is the god of death. But seriously who doesn't ship Solangelo?

Percy Jackson and the time they sailed around a lot Percy Jackson and Zeus's trust issues  There's books four and fivw

The Heroes of Olympus series PERCABETH! The Heroes of Olympus series Why doesn't Percy have a chapter?