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“The Aérotrain was a Hovertrain developed in France from 1965 to The project was abandoned in 1977 due to lack of funding, the death of lead engineer Jean Bertin, and the adoption of TGV by the French government” - Wikipedia

"Evacuated" tube transportation promises to transport you from NYC to LA in 45 mins. Speeds up to 4,000 mph.

Breathlessly billed as "Space Travel on Earth," a transportation concept from Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies, or would reportedly be able to whisk passengers from New York to L. in 45 minutes.


honeybee's eye at by Ralph Grimm: 20 BioScapes Contest Photos--Life Viewed through the Microscope - Scientific American

Mighty Trains

CP - Canadian Pacific (Ferrovia Canadense do Pacífico) em Alberta - Canadá

Snow Train, British Columbia, Canada

Snow Train, British Columbia, Canada This train is not in BC, Canada. The engine and cars/wagons on this freight train are all of European design.

Norfolk Southern Heritage: "Honoring Our Veterans" Locomotive  .#jorgenca

Norfolk Southern Heritage: "Honoring Our Veterans" Locomotive Red, White, and Blue for You-Know-Who.if I had a train, SP, this would be the one I'd ask you to ride in with me.

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A Santa Fe diesel passenger locomotive hangs over Aliso Street after running off the end of rails at Union Station, Los Angeles, California (January

old rusty trucks and cars - Google Search

Abandoned cars behind a delapidated barn in rural Massachusetts for some people finding this is better than a gold mine.