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10 Healthy Living Commandments get a head start with steps 3 and 4 by adding Special K Nourish to your menus.

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Tomorrow starts workout day 1 of my first Challenge Group! I am so completely nervous and excited. When I signed up as a Beachbody Coach, I.

<3 I'm recommending this product to everyone who want's look great and eat healthy food. It helped me a lot in the last few months.

Fitness Tips Start Running. Drink More Water. Log What You Eat. Never Skip Breakfast. Exercise With A Friend. Eat More Veggies. Set Goals and Rewards. Weigh Yourself Weekly. Have Fun and Stay Positive!

Maybe this is something I need to consider on a daily...

Remember this every time you reach for that cookie (or ice cream, chips, etc.) Good thing I just read this I was about to go get a cookie!

Eat clean

Anyone can workout for an hour but to control what goes on your plate the other 23 hours.that’s hard work. Self Control! That’s Strength.

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Create a good lifestyle! It won't stick if you can't live with it. that is why diets don't work. Eat healthier, be active, find a balance that works.

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The foot you eat can be either the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison - Ann Wigmore


The word "DIET" used to be so frustrating to me. It made me think of being restricted, not being able to eat what I like nor did I ever feel satisfied when on a "DIET". I've changed my mindset and I'm ready for a long term lifestyle change.