headcanons percy jackson - Google Search except I think Percy might have drenched her in water at some point in there

This is perfect. I really wanted to see what Thalia would do when they found Percy. If Annabeth Judo flipped him.I'd say Thalia would do a little more damage. i think thlia would do more than slap him a couple times.

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me*facepalm* lol nico, you can be a kid once in a wile! even percy agrees!

Percy Jackson

My life would be complete.<< But then Jason would need to look at Piper in response with an understanding smile.

XD So funny!

Thalia would be a Black Widow or something! Wait, no that wouldn't make sense because Black Widow kills every man she sleeps with, and Hunters of Artemis aren't even allowed to have crushes.<=== It doesn't even matter, Loki is PERFECT.

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I saw another one where the olives were flirting with her and Percy says "Come on Coach! We're making olive oil!