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This would be me! What you see, is what you get. Nothing less, nothing more!

I am filled with flaws, but I'm not fake. I make mistakes, but take responsibility. I am not fake. Good, bad or otherwise, I am simply.

Damn right to all y'all hypocrites.   Prejudice people hire a person from another race to feel like they're superior but BEWARE they talk constant shit about who they're paying behind their back.ESPECIALLY THIS FUCKED UP PREJUDICE FAMILY. TRUST ME I KNOW BECAUSE I ALWAYS HAD TO HEAR ABOUT IT BUT I WON'T BE THERE CAUSE I ALWAYS STOOD UP FOR WHAT'S RIGHT AND THE FAMILY HATED IT BECAUSE I WOULDN'T BE SUCKED INTO ALL THEIR PREJUDICES.

I am going to be who I want to be. I'm done letting other people decide things for me. It's my life, not theirs. It's my time to choose.





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I am not what you see.just because I am fat and overweight doesn't mean that I am lazy and eat nothing but junk all day. In fact it takes me starving myself for me to loose weight. It's a never ending battle.inside and out