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Navy, Riverine Groups, Riverine Command Boat (RCB) originally a Swedish Stridsbåt 90 H(alv) (Strb 90 H), literally: Combat Boat 90 Half

Got a favorite U. Thanks to those who serve. I have always been amazed by the skill of these pilots.

Scary looking yet oh so beautiful at the same time. USS George Washington (CVN acres of sovereign American territory anywhere you wanna put it

The first of class littoral combat ships USS Freedom (LCS and USS Independence (LCS maneuver together during an exercise off the coast of Southern California. by Official U.

militaryarmament: “ A U. Army Abrams tank takes a defensive position at a staging area during Ready Crucible in Germany, on Feb.

USS Milwaukee - Freedom class Littoral Combat Ship (USA) plauged by engine troubles since her first way out to sea.