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Top Moves to Get Your After-Baby Body, somewhat Fast! (It's been nearly 5 years, but still working on it.)

Top Moves to Get Your After-Baby Body, Fast!

Lose the Baby Weight: Get a Better Body After Baby It may not cure the sleepless nights, but our no-fuss workout plan for new moms is proven to help you lose the baby weight and slim your waistline in one month. How's that for a sweet dream?

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need Per Night

How Much Sleep Do You Need A Night Lots Of Charts

Are you wondering whether or not your nightly 3 hours of sleep is enough? Take a look at this infographic to find out how much shut-eye you REALLY should be getting.

Adults aren’t the only ones who are stressed. Find out how yoga can be used to help kids combat anxiety. Plus, learn simple poses to practice at home.

Yoga for kids: How to calm little minds

Fix your sleep and dreams lesson plans with simple way...#sleep #dreams

Tips for Sleep Health

The first part of this article explains why we need sleep. For example a lot of car accidents happen because people are tired. It next goes through the 5 stages of sleep. It also goes into depth of REM and dreams.

9 Things that keep you up at night. #infographicsthatdontsuck

INFOGRAPHIC: 9 Things That Keep You Up At Night

National Sleep Foundation infographic on what keeps us up at night (not scary)

Sleep facts

16 Things You Didn't Know About Sleep. Knew them. but i like reminding myself about the sleep position thing.

Sleep Deprivation- Cleveland Clinic

9 Reasons Why You Need to Make Sleep a Higher Priority (Infographic)

9 Reasons Why You Need to Make Sleep a Higher Priority. If you are sober or in recovery, this is a priority.

via health.com

via health.com

The risk factors related to health and why you should take it seriously! Let Simply Breathe help you work towards better health. www.cenala.com

Always stressed out? Find out what happens to your body and what steps you can take to help manage your stress! Stress Relief Tips


All About Diabetes Mellitus

There's so many myths in the fitness industry that people still believe. Read to learn 10 Common Nutrition mistakes that are hindering your results and how to be successful

Top 10 Health Benefits of A Good Night's Sleep

Top 10 Health Benefits of Gud Night Sleep

Have a Good Night Sleep and reap Health Benefits Healthy Heart Prevent Cancer Reduce Stress Reduce Inflammation Keeps you alert Increase Memory Lose Weight Become smarter Reduce Depression Increase Immune System

Hepatitis C Testing for Anyone Born During 1945-1965: New CDC Recommendations If you were born during 1945-1965, talk to your doctor about getting tested for Hepatitis C. The only way to know if you have Hepatitis C is to get tested. Early detection can save lives. #hepatitis

People born from are more likely to have Hepatitis C. While anyone can get Hepatitis C, more than of people with Hepatitis C were born between these years. That’s why CDC recommends that anyone born from get tested for Hepatitis C.