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Seychelles vacations best places to visit - Page 2 of 4 -

Seychelles vacations best places to visit - Page 2 of 4

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Church of St George in Lalibela, Ethiopia - Pilgrims at the entrance of a rock- hewn church


Secret Garden Botanical Garden, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil open the door , let me go

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Village near Lokwakangole, Kenya on the shores of Lake Turkana and woven palm-frond homes by Michael Poliza

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Namibia is a safe desert haven in Southern Africa pairing sustainable tourism with community outreach.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Top ten Tourist attractions in Kenya

Image viaKilimanjaro, Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro, in north east Tanzania, is one of the most famous and highest freestanding mountains in the world, at It consists of three volcanoes and

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Nevsehir, Central Anatolia, Turkey Troy, the setting of "Troilus and Cressida" is a legendary city, infamous for the Trojan War. It is located in what is now Turkey