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Pareidolia is the word for when you see a face where there is none...I must have that, because I do this all the time.

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House faces always make me smile!Pareidolia is the word for when you see a face where there is none.

faces in inanimate objects - Google Search

I used to have an alarm clock similar to this, and always wondered if the rear was deliberately designed to resemble a face ~ Black Shuck

He can't quite get a handle on what's happening!  Looks like a Gumby relative.

Faces in Places est 2006 A photographic collection of faces found in everyday places.

House Face by ~sicklittlemonkey on deviantART

House Face Quick silly edit of stock image by Edited with The Gimp Alastair Montgomery More of my pictures

19 Unexpected Faces In Inanimate Objects (PHOTOS)

17 Unexpected Faces In Inanimate Objects (PHOTOS)

Government Service Center | Boston, MA (xpost from r/evilbuildings)

Some accidental zoomorphism found in Paul Rudolph’s Boston government service center (via It’s Not Easy Being Brutalist

This Church Looks Like A Chicken  The Church By The Sea in Tampa Bay, Florida, Looks exactly like a chicken.

This Church Looks Like A Chicken

I see a face ( Stewie? )

DO you see faces in things? Do you see Ed Miliband in a train? We see faces in inanimate objects. If they have a face, do they have a brain, a heart and

Why I Dislike Earphones#funny #lol #lolzonline

Why I Dislike Earphones#funny #lol #lolzonline

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