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Relato de ficción sobre el descubrimiento del arquéologo Florencio Torres en Uaxactún, Guatemala y como iría a revolucionar nuestro conocimiento sobre el hermoso mundo maya, titulado "Aquel día en que se aclaró la noche" por Javier Montes de Oca

Aquel día en que se aclaró la noche por Javier Montes de Oca

Calakmul (aka Kalakmul) is also the name given to site of one of the largest ancient Maya cities ever uncovered. It is located in the acre Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, deep in the jungles of the Peten, 30 km from the Guatemalan border.

Pyramids of Mesoamerica -

El Tajín is a pre-Columbian archeological site and one of the largest and most important cities of the Classic era of Mesoamerica. A part of the Classic Veracruz culture, El Tajín flourished from 600 to 1200 AD

Sótano de las golondrinas. San Luis Potosí.

Image : Climbers at the bottom of the Golondrinas cave in Aquismon Region, Mexico. The towering walls of rock range from 325 feet tall to the deepest open-air pit in the world, Sotano de las Golondrinas (Cave of Swallows), which is over 1000 feet deep.

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aztec ruins

Aztec ruins located atop of a cliff overlooking the town of Tepoztlan, Morelos.

Hidden in the jungle - the Mayan ruins of Yaxchilan - Chiapas, Mexico

Hidden in the jungle, the mayan ruins of Yaxchilan, Chiapas / Mexico (by Andy Weiss).


El Mirador's Maya marvels await discovery in the Guatemalan jungle

I actually climbed up two of these.  And the weather was dark and raining and you could hear thunder from far away...

¡Viva La Mexico City Revolución!

The GQ Guide to Mexico City Mexico City is 572 square miles of Aztec temples, modern-art museums, and mezcal bars.